100-7 the bay logoCome join us November 1 & 2 at Timonium State Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall for 

Stanstock 2014

30 artists ~ 2 Days ~ 2 Stages ~ Vendor Midway

Food & Drink ~ All Ages

Tickets at the door day of show are $25 per day for Saturday or Sunday.


You can purchase a 2-day PA1796 CherryPink Special Event Tickets5ticket at the door for $40.  


Cash or credit card.


Stanstock 2014 - Early-Bird Advance Ticket Reservations are now closed.


Tax-exempt 501(c)3 status is pending from IRS.

"I have to tell you, going to Stanstock changed my life. I met a few people that weekend but in the days following the energy was still flowing and, in the sharing of it on facebook, my "friends" list began to grow. The amazing thing is that over the next few months those "friends" began to turn into relationships. Bonds have formed and continue to form as the ripples that started on that fabulous weekend spread. One of my favorite lines from a song "We are stitched together and held by the threads of song" seems to be exactly what is happening. And for me, those threads are beginning to pull on numerous areas of my life and blending with goals I set before I ever knew about Stanstock. As different as some of us are, music is our commonality and we share it with such passion. My life is so much fuller and richer as we explore these new friendships together... which brings me to my longwinded point... THANK YOU!!!! Thank you all for being such lovely fellow humans!" -- Heather Anne Walter

"Stanstock was what you hope every gig will be like! Couldn't have been more fun and you get to support a great cause at the same time!" -- Scott Jordan

"Even Mother Nature chipped in to make Stanstock two days of peace, love, music and fundraising." -- Ron Zuskin

"The entire event was very pleasant to say the least. Met many new friends. Saw many many....great bands. Something there for everyone's taste." -- Justin Johns

"Baltimore may take some knocks from other parts of our nation, some in jest, some just mean spirited, but this weekend's event is a testament to home town, it's people, it's musicians, and it's dedication to one-another. Hats off to you, Baltimore, you deserve it!" -- Rob Fahey